About Me

Yep, it’s me!
One of my Lace Flowers
Pop-up card for a Fairy Journal

A Steampunk Journal I made. So much fun!

Hi there, and thank you for stopping by The Crafter’s Apron! My name is Lisa, and I’m a Christian Wife and Grandma, normally referred to as “Noni” by my three (soon to be four) grandchildren. This is my first-ever blog, which just goes to show you it’s never too late to learn and grow! I love including others in my learning curve, encouraging and being encouraged, inspiring and being inspired.

I have been crafting most of my life. I have dabbled in the areas of wood burning, stained glass, floral design, crocheting, quilting, needlework, and fairy houses, to name a few. I love to teach, so I have a YouTube Channel and FaceBook Page, which have focused on my work with lace (including lace flowers), junk journals & tags, and most things Vintage and/or Steampunk!

My current passion is Greeting Cards! Whenever I find a new area of interest, I pour every bit of me into it! Since discovering this craft, I have been like a madwoman (just ask my husband!), eagerly buying ink, glitter, glue, paper pads, tools, markers, stamps, dies (and on and on…), and absorbing everything I can about color theory, style, layouts, papers, media techniques, layering, patterns, stamping techniques, embossing, etc. Oh my goodness!!

In my Blog, I intend to focus mostly on my current passion (card making), which includes topics along the lines of techniques, methods, common fears, successes, mistakes, comparisons, research, and so much more. After that, I may expand into other crafting areas. Additionally, I will at times discuss LIFE things. And don’t forget my Grandkids! LOL

My desire is that you find this site encouraging and inspiring as to your own crafting endeavors! And please remember: I wear my Crafter’s Apron just like everyone else! I’m just your average Noni, enjoying the world of crafting with you, so let’s have some fun together!


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